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Northgate Heights Neighborhood Association

Get Involved!

The NHNA board meets when required, and at least two meetings are held each year for the general membership. Everyone in the neighborhood is welcome! Voluntary Dues are just $10 a year and help to pay for our social events, such as our annual National Night Out party, pot luck dinners, spring picnics, etc. Volunteers are always needed, so if you're interested in getting involved, please contact one of the officers.

Otto Henning             omhenning2@gmail.com
Sam Hill St.

Vice Chairperson:            
Carole Drummond caroledrummond1@aol.com
Gloucester St. N

Leigh Poston            lposton@dcccd.edu
Danfield Ct.

Otto Henning              omhenning2@aol.com
Sam Hill St.

Carol Ware                  warecg@verizon.net
Gloucester St. N

Communication Co-ord:    
Kelley Rosenbach       joeyrabbit@aol.com
Northgate Dr.

Street Captain Co-ord:      
Abbie Davis               abbie.davis@earthlink.net
Gloucester St. N.

Jim Dunkley                jndunkley@aol.com
Gloucester St. S.


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